How it's done: Every Wise Owl Wednesday, I pull a card from The Wild Unknown's Animal Spirit deck, tune into the universal energy of the animal and interpret what I see, feel and hear.

January 17, 2017

For this Wise Owl Wednesday, both the 

Bat and the Unicorn fell out, telling an 

important story.

We might have been caught up recently 

in less than lovely feelings of this and 

that, signified by the Bat. The first of 

this year has been encouraging us to 

lay down proper foundations, rework 

weak structures, and jump ship 

altogether on ideas, beliefs, attitudes 

and whatever else keeps us separated 

from our highest good.

We've had to beat back some old stubborn habits and patterns in order to let in more of the new unfolding and the excitement and anticipation that wants to come with it. In other words, in one blazing hot second, life seemed to get all kinds of messy.

But the Bat is reminding us that when we stick with our goals, dreams, heart-centered truths and commit to the work that brings them about, produces them in tangible ways we can enjoy, revel in, and proudly build upon, we always, always, find the light that illuminates the path to get there.

The Bat is nocturnal, sleeps upside down and "sees" more with its ears at night than its eyes. It knows all about making the unknown known, embracing the darkness and coming at life with a different approach and from a whole other point of orientation. It uses its energy wisely by hibernating during the day and takes advantage of the benefits of community - huge ones - sharing warmth and protection.

When I tuned into its energy, the Bat was gesticulating before me, spreading out its wings and blending with shadows on a cave wall, making itself appear bigger than it actually is. That's what those emotions and our not yet forgotten or forgiven memories have been doing for us over these past couple weeks - playing tricks.

But the Unicorn, one of the spirit cards in the deck, came out to tells us its time to shake off our bitter-sweet New Year hangovers and get to the work of breaking down the illusions and receiving.

The author of this deck connects the Unicorn to the 6th chakra, our third eye, encouraging us to reconnect "to higher wisdom and divinity," and I add, before we make another, singular move.

That's the push and pull of this week (and all the weeks really): holding fast to our grounded perspectives, our intuition, our insight of where we've already arrived, how far we've come, and the divine guidance charting the way to where we're headed. Appreciate it. Lean into it - all the lustrous rainbow magic we've been turning ourselves in circles over how to connect into and create. It's here, created (past-tense), manifested (past-tense). Now do what's necessary to maintain it and allow it to gain momentum - bypass the traps of yesteryear, those old stories. Lay our sabotaging tendencies to rest for good already, and celebrate.

December 27, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the Mouse 

showed up, reminding us NOT to 

allow ourselves to get lost in the 

shuffle - the mental shuffle, the 

emotional shuffle, the action-oriented 


The Mouse is an anxious critter, 

nervously scurrying about, nibbling 

on his crumbs of this and that. But 

there's something to be learned here, 

always, and especially since Saturn, 

the planet of life lessons, returned to 

it's home sign of Capricorn about a week ago and is doing the thing it does best: putting our unfinished business before us, telling us it's time to get our shit together when it comes to certain matters, and for some of us, those are the largest reoccurring themes of our lives.

Saturn is a no nonsense, wise, disciplined teacher that will let you run yourself ragged in loops of action 》consequence 》starting over, until you understand what needs to be done differently next time and until you actually do it. It's no wonder their zodiacal children, the Capricorns, are symbolized as goats climbing and clinging to impossibly steep mountains. They're held to high standards with a lot to deal with and accomplish. I know, I'm one of them.

And Saturn is ready for us to build upon all we've been learning about ourselves, our lives and work, our world and our place in it. And it wants us to do it right, piece by piece, step by step, with the intent to make it last, while recognizing and respecting how the systems and structures already in place can help us do that.

This is where the little mouse becomes so poignant. It's easy to get wrapped up in the hows, whats and whens of it all - the sticky details that may be feeling way too familiar to some of the toughest parts we ventured through the last few years. It's easy to observe what you think is happening and wonder, "How did I get here again?" That's what the anxiety is about, and that's what the Mouse represents for us - the ensnarement of those past feelings that accompanied those hard learned lessons and the bouts of uncertainty, sabotage and misstep that came in between.

But rest assured, there's often a moment of contraction, or of looking back, or of taking care of this one last thing before real expansion takes root, and that's all this is - the final push - because you've already gone through and over, learned there are choices, and learned, for the sake of your own well being, how to shore up, heal up, balance out and in some cases, how to just go the other way. You got this.

There's a saying that goes something like, the small-minded talk about events, the intelligent talk about ideas...and I'm adding...the aware just evolve. So allow the evolution already. Thank the stars, dance a jig of celebration at the New Year's Eve party, and rise to the occasion.

December 20, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the Lion 

showed up, roaring, of course. But 

very quickly, I was also shown it playing 

in a field with its baby cub, then 

commanding the terrain of the forest, 

then standing fiercely yet quietly on 

top of a mountain, taking in the view 

of the valley below.

The message here - remember your 

dynamism, your multifaceted nature. 

Use it as a way to open up the endless 

options before you to bring in the resources and opportunities you need and want. Stay flexible enough to allow new inspiration, perspectives, and solutions to old problems to find you, yet remain unwavering in your ideas, direction, ambitions, and personal development.

The Lion is one big ass, untamed feline that could conquer and tame most creatures it comes into contact with, and it knows it. It knows what area of its kingdom needs attention, knows when and how to switch up its focus, how to protect and when something just needs to be handled. And it's likely showing up in your life this week to take care of a few things.

The Lion is a symbol of strength and power and encourages you to stand in your own. Your own - not the next man's, or the questionable definitions and depictions of you've learned and most likely have tried to mimic, not the type of strength and power that dismisses the importance of individuality, or that gets you caught up in endless ideological wars on...fill in the blank.

Instead, stand in and for the power and strength that affords avenues to express and use your talents and abilities, that values your contributions and natural inclinations to lead or support, serve or nurture, lecture or entertain - whatever. 

We are all enough just as we are and there is need for what we offer, and certainly a place for us within our own kingdoms we are creating.

Now bow down for a moment, show the Lion some respect. Then get up and go slay the world. 

December 13, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the Starfish 

made its appearance, charismatically 

luring me into the ocean from the 

shore. I followed, but not too long 

after, my curiosity and interest 

disappeared as we were suctioned to 

the side of a rock, not moving.

There's a little too much to get stuck 

on this week - the ragged and raw 

edges of our busy minds and 

American politics, memories on a 

continuous loop, loneliness given the season, old scenarios playing-out in our personal stories and intimate relationships we thought we had already worked through and know aren't in our best interest to keep active.

Use the leverage of the retrograde, the current of the water, to move on.

But the Starfish is also reminding us that the stuckness of this week is very much a part of this process. It's human nature to cling to what's familiar even if we know the benefits are minimal or will be short-lived, even if we know it's for our highest good to release the hold, or even if we understand wholeheartedly that clinching up is just something we do right before tangible proof of our investments, efforts and hopes are about to start rolling in.

Don't be surprised if the most tender moments of this past few months or year are put before you again. Don't be surprised if for just a moment you're racked with tears over how it all played out. And when certain images, past impressions, or lines of songs start playing in your head, pay attention.

For me it's been the bridge of that song "Tennessee" by Arrested Development, where the woman sings, "Won't you help me understand your plan...take me home, take me home, home, take me to another place."

That's the sneakiness of the Starfish, ushering in the twinklings of our final lessons of the year, touching upon those yet to be, all-the-way-healed sore spots.

The seemingly harmless, playful creature who stuck me, motionless, to the side of a rock, then dared me to turn around and float. So the message here is to give up control always, find, as best we can, our places of neutrality on those difficult subjects, let the feelings pass, because they will, and embrace the direction you're shown to move in once they do, because change is needed and inevitable and is always on its way.

December 3, 2017

This is a special Wise Owl Wednesday, 

featuring the spirit card of the Phoenix. 

This card's energy is so big that I 

couldn't simply tune in and deliver 

the message like it was any old 

Wednesday. No. It wants to make its 

presence known and wants us to 

understand that it was no coincidence 

it showed up in the last month, at the 

last Full (and Super) Moon, and 

the last Mercury Retrograde cycle of 

the year.

We're about to close out a year, the eye-opening, game-changing year it's been, so naturally there's a culmination happening, and given the retrograde, an opportunity to review it all, suss-out what still needs it, and send any stubborn baggage into the great, wide and beyond before stepping into 2018.

When I tuned into this energy, I was immediately pulled off the ground, taken above the clouds where I could no longer see even the semblance of life below and shown a massive castle-like structure, people I've never seen before, and rooms within that castle that felt absolutely whimsical and fairy-tale like. That's right. The energy of this card initiated an impromptu visit to a realm I hadn't ever visited. This may sound crazy, but switching between frequencies and realms is common for me. It's a part of the work I do, my purpose, and during meditation, well, some amazing shit happens.

I mention this to first emphasize just how potent, hard-hitting and galactic the energy around this card is, and secondly to segway into telling you what it means...

1) First, this energy says that taking an objective approach where you keep in mind the larger picture is good but will only get you so far, because for some, you need to question your entire line of sight, especially with the Gemini Super Full Moon. Gemini wants you to return to your curious, inquisitive nature, be okay with being the apprentice again, throw out the results-driven approach and the need-to-know attitude. It wants you to live a little lighter, put down all your heavy, bound-to-get-you-tangled-up thought processes, do your testing of this and that, and then put the tests aside.

It’s like looking at a world, country or state map and worrying yourself to pieces with how the entire system of borders, city lines, streets, railways etc. connect, divide and maintain order. You don’t have to. Instead, shine the light on the singular neighborhood you wish to visit and just go! Let your mind rest and let your intuition and the delightful impulse of the moment be your guide which, it just so happens, will always lead you to the answers you seek anyway. Try it.

2) After exploring this other realm where so many things were entirely different to how they look and feel in our everyday waking lives, I noticed what the author had to say about the spirit cards of the deck: "The creatures of the Spirit element do not live on Earth as we know it. They are inhabitants of a dimension beyond...the cosmic ether. [They] represent significant challenges or awakenings of the inner self, or soul. Like guardians from another realm, they are watchful & protective when we are at a crossroads in our lives."

I know this post is supposed to focus on how the Phoenix complements the Gemini Super Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde, but Saturn is in the mix given it’s returning to its home sign, Capricorn, so I need to go there.

With Saturn, it's like returning home where you've allowed relatives to hang out while you were on a long vacation. You might have to tidy some things, restore order in some areas, set some new boundaries, change some energy, or kick some people out!

In other words, it may be hard trying to deny what you've been observing and learning over this last year, how much your inner world has changed, how much your outer world reflects this, how you've sneaked a peek at your greatness and now can't forget what you saw, or where you (and the world) keep allowing yourself (ourselves) to get tripped up.

Hit the reset button on whatever area of life, way of thinking, or behavior that is causing you more stagnation than forward movement, more angst instead of ease, more chaos and crazy instead of simplification. And use the softer qualities of the Gemini Super Full Moon as the approach you take to accomplish this, and the slow-down of the retrograde to help etch out new paths and illuminate just what to improve and where.

Choosing to ignore the signposts of whatever expansion your soul has ready for you is always a choice you can make, but if so, you're setting yourself up to be shown through experience, after experience, after experience where that thing calls you to right it, flip it, balance it, and the residue has the potential to linger for years to come. It’s how Saturn works. It's the planet of karma, life lessons, and age-old wisdom. Embrace the messages and use them already. It's so much easier!

3) It’s fun and insightful to see which of your astrological houses are most affected during times of a lot of planetary action. For example, my 9th house, the house of expansion and beliefs, is highlighted with the Super Full Moon of Gemini. This house is also about religion, philosophy, personal truths, travel and learning what I learn because I want to, so being whisked away into another realm when I tuned into the energy of the Phoenix was rather on point. What better way to feel expansive and turned up for a intuitive than to be invited to another realm to explore?

Calculate to see which of your houses are affected. For this, you need to know your rising sign, so gather that info first. And be sure to go check and see what else these houses have in store:


Rising or Ascending: Libra

Sun: Capricorn

Moon or Descending: Aries

Your rising sign is always number 1 when calculating. Then simply look to see which house pairs up with Gemini.

Order of Signs:                  Houses:

1. Libra                               1. Identity & the Self

2. Scorpio                           2. Resources & Self Worth

3. Sagittarius.                     3. Communication & Knowledge

4. Capricorn                       4. Home & Family

5. Aquarius                        5. Creativity & Children

6. Pisces                             6. Work and Services

7. Aries                               7. Relationships

8. Taurus                           8. Shared resources, Death, Mental Anguish

9. Gemini                           9. Expansion & Beliefs

10. Cancer                      10. Career and Reputation

11. Leo                            11. Friends & Community

12. Virgo                          12. Secrets, Creative Energy, Collective Unconscious

4) The Phoenix card also carries the energy of the Ace of Swords in the traditional Tarot. It symbolizes power, mental clarity, breakthroughs and victory. But sometimes, before you can experience these things you experience the flip side of coin - confusion and breakdowns. This is where the duality or split-ness of the Gemini becomes a factor to consider. Picture someone, like the Queen of Swords, possessing one sharp ass, double-edged sword and tongue. You can get in her good graces and experience the fullness of all the abundance she has to offer or, you can get sliced up by words, drama, and setbacks, amplified by Mercury, the planet of communication, both going retrograde and ruling Gemini.

If you’ve made good with training yourself to lean into and follow the signs, signals and synchronicities, fret not, and enjoy all the opportunities and experiences coming your way that are most likely already showing up. But if the opposite is more accurate, set the intention to do better, starting right now. Regardless, honor where you are and trust that whatever comes out on the other side is going to have the capacity to change your views and perspectives and therefore, change your life. Rise from the ashes, my love.

5) Here's a link to a Gemini Super Full Moon ritual I'll be trying out later. It allows a moment of reflection for each month of 2017 and even includes an affirmation or two. Enjoy!

November 22, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, both the 

Beaver and the Otter popped out - the 

Beaver thumping its tail and the Otter 

tugging at a fallen branch. 

Many of us are still feeling the effects 

of that recent New Moon in Scorpio, 

and these semi-aquatic creatures are 

telling us not to fear whatever 

situations or emotions this may have 

brought to the surface.


Water symbolizes our emotions but it's 

also what crops need to grow and a huge part of what keeps us alive. It's wide in its range for what it replenishes yet never falls out of our scope of resources often overused, misused, and abused. 

But there's something steady and balanced about the energies the Beaver and Otter bring us this week. They are tactile, systematic workers with the capacity to stay busy and focused on building physically and literally amidst this precious, mutable fluid. 

They are like the eight of pentacles in the traditional Tarot, reminding us about the tenacity, perseverance and effort things sometimes require, showing us that its okay to draw upon our natural reserve and use a little to get shit done, weeded out, sorted through, and demonstrating the how to: when we aren't completely, 100 percent satisfied just yet with the progress of any aspect of our lives at the moment, make the necessary adjustments - subtract a branch (or two) or add one to the flow until you've tweaked that stream just right.

November 15, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the Gazelle 

flew out. They are sprightly creatures 

and action oriented.

This card this week seems right, 

especially since we're nearing a new 

moon in the sign of Scorpio on the 

18th - a sign ruled by two fiery planets, 

Mars and Pluto - and also given the 

card I pulled last week, which was the 


Whereas the Dolphin told us to ready 

ourselves for all the contentment, harmony, celebration, stability we've been asking for, to make play and peace out of all this year has brought us, the Gazelle is telling us our gears are well oiled, and our intellect and heart are syncing up the way they were intended to. Let it happen.

Get comfortable relying more and more on your instinctual nature, gut responses and creative impulses to see projects, careers, love and money affairs materialize the way you want them to, the way meant for you since the beginning of time.

Gazelles can run up to 90 mph, leaping over barriers, keeping grip while their lean yet sturdy legs and hooves champion uneven terrain. They can even, and often do, outrun cheetahs. There's a heightened awareness about them, an ability to make decisions in one millisecond after the other, and a confidence they never doubt.

They are feeling a lot like the shadow confronted, embraced, mined and valued for its useful properties, because gazelles know, hands down, how to wield their fiery spirit to their benefit and greatest potential. We can do the same.

I tend to just channel without reading the words the author of this deck provided, but these words, representing all the animals included for the symbol of fire, seem perfect: "The creatures of the Fire element...represent the ego & challenge us to become our best selves. Although these cards appear more frequently when conflict is present, the heat they emit is the elixer of our transformation."

Drink up, dearies.

**Shout out to my fellow Capricorns completing a 29 year cycle and soon welcoming our ruling planet Saturn back into our signs. Breathe easy. Rejoice.

November 8, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the 

Dolphin appeared, turning a happy 

spiral through the ocean and 

sounding a gamut of playful trills 

and squeaks. There's a 

lightheartedness to this card, a 

sense of breakthrough nearly had, 

undoubtedly put into motion and 


I was given the dolphin's view as it 

swam through rather murky water 

into clear, deep-blue water, where it 

met up with a whole posse of dolphins and joined their dancing, swimming circle. The entire scene was something right out of a musical, or an old school Disney movie.

Crazy right?...not even a little.

This card feels similar to the 4 of Wands card in the traditional Tarot in that it signals contentment, harmony, celebration, stability - what we are always wanting, always trying to manifest regardless of the form it takes, be it an opportunity, a business, a relationship. We want the feeling that we think these things will yield, and this card is saying you never have to wait for the thing, let in the feeling now and the thing will always come faster. That's how it works, that's how we allow the leverage of vibrational alignment to work for us...What better animal to remind us than the highly intelligent dolphin who knows all about switching frequencies?

The Dolphin represents the healed version of you emerging, the one who can be grateful the last 3 months, 6 months, all of 2017 happened the way it did - not because of that all too overused saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." But because every set back, delay, heartbreak has helped you examine and better understand what strength actually means to you in the first place, what it means to reach for love instead of hate, how it feels to experience what you don't want so you can become even clearer about what you do, AND take steps towards it.

The message is clear - it's high time you announce, even if only to yourself, your debut, because it's happening. And with it you are receiving all the gifts, tools and invaluable wisdom that could only come from the experience of diving in and doing the work, swimming through a range of emotions sometimes and uncertainty other times, yet always trusting you'd eventually arrive where you needed and wanted to be.

November 1, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the 

Earthworm appeared, sloshing around 

in the wet earth.

This card feels like the 8 of cups in the 

traditional Tarot and harkens back to 

the Bee I pulled last week--Whereas 

the Bee told us it was time to get to 

work stabilizing and balancing those 

areas of our lives that needed it the 

most, the Earthworm shows us that we 

have to have more faith that we actually 


We can see the lights of change and progress twinkling in the distance and either turn around and act like they're not there or move towards them with anticipation. We always have the choice - the choice to settle for what already is, to take what looks to be a risk, to hold onto the very beliefs and ideas that make it hard to decide in the first place, or we can reach for new ones more capable of supporting who we really want to be.

The Earthworm tells us it's okay to go through the muck of indecision or to wiggle around in the darkness if we feel we really need to, keeping in mind that however deep we go, the earth and everything within it are forever changing regardless, and we are no exception. So just allow it to happen. Allow the answers you need to find you so you can keep untangling yourself; allow yourself to feel those flutters of trepidation when they arise and take a moment to check in: Am I headed a way not intended for me? Or is this just fear of expansion? And anchor down in faith - faith in your dreams, faith you are supported and have a place in the natural system and order of the universe, and most of all, faith in yourself.

October 25, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, both the 

Crow and the Bee popped out.

I pulled the Crow about a month ago 

too, which is telling me that whatever 

was being brought to the surface or 

unmasked then, is showing up plain as 

day for us now. No more wondering 

what's real or not, whose being genuine 

or not, where to place our efforts with 

untangling ourselves. That shit is clear 

and will continue to become even 

clearer in the days ahead.

We can try and run from it all we want, bury our heads and feet stubbornly in the mud, but the Bee tells us it's time to put in the actual work of healing whatever is inside us that needs it so we can make better decisions, ones rooted in self-respect, ones more aligned, ones we know will better help us move along our paths of endless self-discovery and expansion in the way our souls intend us to.

There's the feeling of the number 9 all over this - closing cycles, completion, chiseling down those rough edges, taming the shadow in a way we've never been able to before, evolving, vibrating higher.

So get to it - shut the necessary doors, lock 'em behind you. Mend the necessary fences, first and foremost between you and your connection with yourself. And carry on in confidence embracing the realizations as they come and never doubting whether or not you're heading the right way again.

October 11, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday I drew 

the Golden Egg. It speaks to the fourth 

chakra/heart chakra, telling us to listen 

to our heart, follow it, learn what it 

sounds like, think with it instead.

This may be a harder task for some, 

especially if you've spent a lifetime 

pushing away what you know to be true 

because of what others are doing, or 

for something more logical, or for what 

looks like it should or shouldn't work.

The thing about that is we often don't realize our approach or perspective to something, or the way we're living isn't working until it's not, until the bottom falls out of our well designed plans, or until we're hold up in the wee hours counting all the infinite ways things could've turned out "better."

Don't let yourself lose too much sleep - we are only human after all, with a gazillion more opportunities ahead of us to get it right within ourselves, and the best, easiest, fastest way to do this is to seek out quiet introspection and become acquainted with and train yourself on acquiescing to what your heart is telling you to do.

That's where the real gold is - allowing yourself to attune to your heart, inner voice and fool-proof, personal navigational system over and over again until you stop entertaining other ways to live.

I'm hearing Alanis Morisette's You Learn playing in my head. Listen in, get excited about those noisy "fire trucks...coming up around the bend," and ready yourself for that feeling of coming home.

October 04, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the Peacock 

appeared in all its flair and extravagance, 

granting us permission to show off our 

own colors, the elaborate details of our 

unique brilliance and to do so in 

confidence - that genuine, unwavering, 

pure kind that can only come from 


When a person has really tapped into 

and mined their inner confidence, 

they don't give a damn whose party 

they aren't invited to, they stay primped, 

pressed and ready because they know they are forever the guest of honor at their own.

This kind of confidence - knowing every song played (good or bad, slow or fast, sad or happy) is a part of your personally curated soundtrack, that you've got the power to crank the volume, sing along, dance your heart out, or change it altogether, is creating at its finest, freeing at its best, and always available to you.

But there's another side to the Peacock. And if compared to the Tarot, the Peacock is a lot like the Magician. He can fan out that beautiful and luring tail, make everything appear promising and titillating from a distance, create the perfect illusion, so perfect peeps jump at the chance to abandon their own party and join his, until they get there and realize the hors d'oeuvres are stale, the other partygoers are questionable in character and every song has you vibing on the fast track to recklessness.

In other words, practice, better yet, master the art of discernment because first, all is not always what it seems and secondly, all the magic and people and things you're trying to gather to create your version of a perfect world already exist inside you. Draw upon the confidence of the Peacock and let that shit out!

September 27, 2017

For this Wise Owl Wednesday, the Crow 

popped up, eagerly yet restlessly 

moving back and forth on its tree branch. 

It's a scavenger bird that skillfully senses 

it's prey, notifies its community when an 

end is approaching, and today is 

reminding us to be careful what we wish 

for - careful in the sense that our wishes 

are wished in alignment with who we 

really are at our core, and therefore are 

wished in integrity. It's the only way to 

ensure that our closest co-creators are 

in integrity too, since we always, without a doubt, become each other's mirrors.

If compared to the traditional Tarot, there's an air of judgement and the devil card in this one. Stuff comes to the light, masks carefully affixed over the years, months, weeks get pulled off by truth, and we can't help but look on in disbelief (and hopefully laugh) at all the unnecessary (and imaginary) chains we've locked ourselves up with. It's shadow work in it's essence.

But the crow can stomach it, in fact was designed for it. It lives its life on a diet of mixed foods - foods that invite in natural and pure life force energy, foods that don't, and everything in between.

We aren't that different from the crow, except that we've got countless more options about what we decide to let in - into our bodies, our minds, our lives, into our belief systems, what we allow to make its home there, and what we do with the lessons this process inevitably yields. Choose wisely.

September 13, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, the 

Nightingale appeared, reminding us of 

the value of our voices, reminding us 

that there's reward in speaking up, 

showing up, sharing and living our 

truths, evaluating and fine tuning the 

messages we put out into the world 

and the examples we become. These 

are our legacies.

Songbirds don't have access to 

songbooks, are not privy to formal 

instruction, yet they don't ever doubt 

whether they can sing or not and some, clear into the wee hours of the morning. Communication through voice is their nature and gift, and it's ours too.

Speak what's in your heart and rummaging around in your mind. And because there is hardly anything more painful than a heart and mind pushing in two different directions, let them for once and finally become in sync. If you're being nudged to give, give; to get up off your ass and make something happen, do it; to show compassion whereas you normally wouldn't, show it, without hesitation or question or all the other crap we let freeze us where we stand.

The Nightingale, doesn't weigh the cost, the effort, the reasons why they should or shouldn't before they sing. They don't care about what they may or may not receive in return, nor do they have pride or ego to deal with. They just sing. And we could all benefit from being more like them.

August 30, 2017

This Wise Owl Wednesday, I pulled 

the Owl itself. It's bringing us the 

message to go back to the beginning, 

which is very fitting for this last week of 

the retrograde and all that's happening 

in our private and collective worlds.

Going back to the beginning could 

mean many things, but here's what 

stands out...

Remember, reconnect and recommit 

to what you love doing, who you're 

becoming, what you want to see in the 

world, even if you're about ready to give that vision up! The answers on how to move forward lie in what you've already done, the progress that has already been made - not be mimicked, but to be learned from and used as the foundation it is.

Simplify. Bring it all back down to the basics - one kind word or a sweet smile, one donated dollar, one handshake and then another, the execution of one aspect of the plan at a time broken down task by task, so in other words, one foot in front of the other.

Self-care in whatever form that takes for you. If you don't know yet how to take better care of yourself, figure it out. Try stuff, omit stuff, change stuff, open your eyes and go see some stuff you've never seen before, eat somewhere you never have, stop that one meandering thought that keeps occupying your head-space, that one heavy feeling taking over your heart-space - however you need to work it to find a self-care formula that works for you.

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